Wreck removal consultancy

Salvage and Wreck removal consultancy

In the summer of 2015 MASS consulted during the tender phases of the mv ‘SEWOL’ in Korea for Mammoet Salvage.

In fall of 2015 MASS was involved in composing of a robust salvage and wreck removal plan during the tender phase of the wreck removal of the fishing vessel ‘Fong Kuo 869’ off the coast of Taiwan.

Ship delivery

Ship delivery of newly built tugs ‘Sea Eagles Dolphin’ & ‘Sea Eagles Shark’

MASS assisted REDWISE Ship Delivery during the hand over and preperation of the newly built tugs ‘Sea Eagles Dolphin’ & ‘Sea Eagles Shark’ off roads at Hong Kong port. Both tugs were succesfully delivered to her new owners in Sharjah, UAE.


Shell Rig Moves on North Sea

The past year MASS was involved as tow master and Shell Marine Offshore Representative in multiple rig moves for Shell-NAM in the North Sea:

atlantic rotterdam

The rig ‘Atlantic Rotterdam’ was moved from Brigantines BG (UK sector) to the port of IJmuiden assisted by 165 t Bollard Pull lead tug ‘BB Troll’ and assisting tugs ‘Bugsier 19’ and ´Bugsier 20´.


The self propelled rig ‘Kraken’ was moved from Brigantines BR (UK sector) to the port of Great Yarmouth

1Swift 10

The rig ‘Swift 10’ was moved from K15-FG-1 (Dutch sector) to her new position K7-13 assisted by 187 t Bollard Pull lead tug ´Sea Bear´and assisting tugs ´Bugsier 3´ and ´Ulrag Elbe´.


FPSO Field Installation

FPSO Enquest Producer Field Installation and Hook-Up

During the installation of the EnQuest Producer in the Alma-Galia field in spring of 2015, MASS was involved in connecting of the 9 pre-laid moorings to the turret of the FPSO. The AHT ‘Normand Progress’ picked up the moorings from seabed by means of ROV and succesfully connected the 9 moorings as per planned procedure to the fore runner chains, deployed from FPSO.

MASS supervised all operations on board the AHT ‘Normand Progress’ and made sure all necessary information was relayed to the Boskalis Marine Operations representaive on board the FPSO.