Shell Rig Moves on North Sea

The past year MASS was involved as tow master and Shell Marine Offshore Representative in multiple rig moves for Shell-NAM in the North Sea:

atlantic rotterdam

The rig ‘Atlantic Rotterdam’ was moved from Brigantines BG (UK sector) to the port of IJmuiden assisted by 165 t Bollard Pull lead tug ‘BB Troll’ and assisting tugs ‘Bugsier 19’ and ´Bugsier 20´.


The self propelled rig ‘Kraken’ was moved from Brigantines BR (UK sector) to the port of Great Yarmouth

1Swift 10

The rig ‘Swift 10’ was moved from K15-FG-1 (Dutch sector) to her new position K7-13 assisted by 187 t Bollard Pull lead tug ´Sea Bear´and assisting tugs ´Bugsier 3´ and ´Ulrag Elbe´.